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Educational Programs



  • Speaker Series

    • Depending on funding, the center will sponsor or take part in lectures and discussions focusing on the key themes the center is exploring.


  • Co Venture opportunities.

    • The center has interest in working with universities in both the United States and Europe. This will allow for student and faculty exchanges as well as sharing assets and growing the outreach opportunities of the center.


  • Publications

    • The center will explore publishing student and faculty research papers, either as a journal or as a book. The key theme will be how media has reflected societal intolerance in different cultures and decades.



















Klagenfurt University. 2015. Class discussion on Censorship and American Cinema.


  • Student Projects (written and video productions)

    • can utilized the resources of the center for research and creative purposes. These may include writing papers, editing documentaries and developing websites.


  • Student and Faculty Resource Center

    • The center can be used by faculty and the university community at large as a resource for their specific needs.


  • Film Programs

    • The center will sponsor yearly ‘film festivals’ that offer films, TV series, cartoons, newsreels and documentaries from the collection.





  • Traveling Education Programs

    • The center can offer a program of films and lectures that will be available to other universities throughout Austria. These can include screenings and lectures, short courses and museum exhibits.

  • Archival Film Workshops

    • Classes that teach students how to research archival film and video for creative projects. Students use the recent publication STOCK FOOTAGE authored by the center’s director, Dr. James Forsher

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